Sakura In Malaysia

Delightful Pinks Of The Pink Tabebuia Pentaphylla Trumpets

In Malaysia, a tree which attracts the attention of many towards the end of March (and at times in July too on a lucky year) is the tecoma tree – scientific name ‘tabebuia pentaphylla’. This is when the trees flower profusely after a dry spell, with dense clusters of soft pink or white flowers populating the entire tree, and covering its ground below like a pale pink or white carpet where the flowers eventually drop. Its a gorgeous scene, but sadly an ephemeral one, as the beautiful blooms do not last long, and start to fall after a few days, especially when assisted by a strong breeze. Native to Central and South America, the tecoma tree is generally believed to have been introduced to Malaysia by the British administration during the early 18th century. It has adapted well to the local climate, the pink and white varieties are popularly planted along roadsides and in gardens, parks and recreation areas by the respective local city councils and property developers. Locally, the tecoma tree is also known either as the ‘cherry blossom’ tree as its gorgeous and colourful blooms resemble those of the cherry blossoms of Japan (sakura) or ’tissue paper’ tree due to the flower’s thin, soft petals and creased texture.

Pure White Tabebuia Pentaphylla Trumpets Enjoying The Morning Sun

Wishing all a pleasant enjoyable weekend.

All photos Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


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