A Charming And Idyllic Fishing Village In Kelantan

Driving along the Kelantan (a state in north east of Peninsular Malaysia) coastline, one couldn’t help but notice the many kampung nelayan (fishing village) settlements and abundance of coconut trees flourishing almost everywhere you look. Fishing, after all, is an important economic activity along Kelantan’s 96-kilometre coastline. The traditional wooden Malay houses and the coconut trees adorning them create some of the most rustic and beautiful tropical landscapes unique to this part of the country. And if you dare to explore further afield off the beaten track, tucked away among the inland waterways can be found some of the most charming and idyllic fishing villages, with the friendly local folk going about their daily activities at a leisurely pace, like the one in the above photo.

Photo Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


8 thoughts on “Idyllic

    • yes, it is indeed a lovely and serene place. i have not been to the kerala backwaters, from photos of the place, i do see the similarity. thank you for your comment,liz. i think australia played very well in the game against the netherlands, a rather unfortunate exit.

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