The Market With A View

Business Is Brisk In The Morning At The Colourful Siti Khadijah Grand Market

The famous Siti Khadijah Grand Market in Kota Bharu is worth a visit when visiting Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Formerly known as the Buluh Kubu Grand Market, its current name was given by the Chief Minister of Kelantan, The Most Honourable Tuan Guru Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Bin Nik Mat as a sign of respect for women, considering the majority of its traders are female. One unique sight in the markets of Kelantan is its traders are mostly female, who are recognized for their entrepreneurial enthusiasm and acumen in trading. The name Siti Khadijah was chosen in honour of the wife of Prophet Muhammad who was a successful businesswoman. The market’s main building architecture is unique for a Malaysia wet market, its four-storey high construction and octagonal shape keeps it compact as well as making it ergonomically easy to access and explore, a visitor has a quick appreciation of what’s around in one sweeping panoramic view.

The potpourri of folk, colours, smells and noisy atmosphere of conversation and transaction paints a picture of a busy place with an abundance of goods being sold, which includes food, vegetables, fish, poultry, spices, clothes, kitchenware and many others. My favorite spot is the inner octagonal market hall on the ground floor where traders (mainly women) set up stalls on raised platform lots. From a vantage viewpoint on either the ground or first floor, one can see and appreciate nature’s abundance and blessing in the variety of vegetables, spices, condiments (and even turtle eggs 😦   )  available to nurture and sustain our daily lives. I just love the hall’s current paint colour scheme of deep intense colours, which complements the architecture of the building perfectly.

Open as early as 6.00am and close at 7.00pm, each morning it is the main heartbeat of Kota Bharu’s business activities, the best time to visit and experience the atmosphere of the market at its busiest when trade is at a peak.  Traders cease business for 15 minutes come prayer time, allowing them and visitors to the market to perform their prayers.

Photo Fuji X-E2 with XF 14mm




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