Crimson Red

A Cluster Of Crimson Red Ixora Coccinea

A common ornamental plant found throughout the tropical areas, Ixora Coccinea (also known as flame of the woods, jungle flame, jungle geranium) come in a variety of colors and species. A fairly small, dense, multi-branched bushy evergreen shrub, grows to a height of 5-10ft tall, it is common to find them cultivated as hedges, screens or small garden plants in Malaysia. Although there are around 500 species of Ixora, only a handful are commonly cultivated, differing in flower colour (yellow, pink, red, orange) and plant size. Ixora flowers all year long, its small tubular flowers tightly group in dense rounded clusters 2-5 in across. The flowers, leaves, roots, and the stem are used to treat various ailments in the Indian traditional system of medicine, the Ayurveda, and in various folk medicines. I love the deep and vibrant crimson red Ixora cultivar best.

That’s my ‘flowers for the weekend’ for this week. Wishing all WP fans and bloggers a nice weekend ahead.

Photo Fuji X-E2 with XF 23mm & Close-up Filter






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