The Beautiful Game

A Bunch Of Boys In A Thai Village Enjoying A Game Of Football Under The The Hot Afternoon Sun

The final countdown has begun, its 12 days to the FIFA Brazil World Cup, with the opening match between Brazil and Crotia on 12th June. I recall staying up late into the night, early morning in previous World Cup tournaments to watch and support my favourite team play; and having a tough time keeping awake in school or at work the following day  🙂 .  Of course, the teachers and work colleagues knew the reason why and most were understanding and empathised with the situation. As a matter of fact, some of them were having trouble keeping awake too 🙂 , so there you go  …. global productivity will take a dip in the coming weeks until mid July when the final match is played.

I love football, used to play it under the hot tropical sun daily, like the boys in the photo above, before school starts. Pele, the Brazilian football great, nicknamed it ‘the beautiful game’, and it truly is, not just the sport in itself, but also its ability to connect and unite the global population, young and old, from diverse race, culture and politics  around the world to a common interest.

I will definitely be following the Brazil World Cup goings-on and cheering my favorite team – Brazil on. All the best and good luck to the boys from Brazil!

Photo Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55mm


9 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game

  1. My team these past two seasons won. For some reason, my gut feeling has prevailed. Hah! 😀 I was in for Spain last 2014, but goodness they were frustrating! Good thing my 2nd team, Germany took it!
    Now to this photo, it is really great to capture moments like this. Beautiful shot.

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