Lake Tissa Thickly Overgrown With Water Hyacinth And Monkey Pod Trees In The Distant

This is a photo taken at Lake Tissa, Sri Lanka; a lake located at the south eastern part of this beautiful island. Our purpose being in this part of the country was to visit the Yala National Park, and putting up a couple of nights at a village close-by Lake Tissa made a lot of sense in terms of convenience and commuting time. As the main road leading to the attractions traverse along parts of Lake Tissa, we had the opportunity to stop at the main viewing point on a number of occasions to enjoy a bit of Lake Tissa. I was captivated by the lush green from the dense growth of water hyacinths on the lake and the giant monkey pod trees with their huge fan canopies in the distant. I refrained from publishing this photo earlier as I felt it did not convey nature’s beauty and space I saw and felt then which prompted me to take the photo; with some additional post processing touches, I am much more satisfied with it this time round.

Photo  Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55mm


8 thoughts on “Evergreen

    • sri lanka is an amazing place indeed. the lack of development previously due to the civil war (which recently ended) has helped to retain a lot of its natural beauty and ‘old world’ charm to the present day. i am certain this will erode swiftly over time now that major development plans are afoot. if you have not visited, i hope you get to do so before modernization and its trappings sets in.
      have a good weekend ahead, elina, and thank you for the comment.

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