Flowers For The Weekend – Crepe Jasmine

A Crepe Jasmine Flower Looking Exquisite In Partial Shade Cloistered Among Its Foliage

Its been a good and rewarding time for photographing tropical blooms in the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia the past 4-6 weeks as it transitions out of the dry season (which coincides with the beginning of spring in northern hemisphere temperate countries) with more rainfall. This crepe jasmine plant I photographed was located at the edge of a slope in our neighbourhood, amongst other shrubs and a raintree, which shades it from the intense tropical sunlight in the day. Such a damp and shady environment makes perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and they were all buzzing around me in no time. It was a dread keeping my balance on the slope scouting for the ‘right’ flowers to photograph while keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

This is the first time I come across a crepe jasmine plant in Malaysia, the pinwheel jasmine is more commonly found. The crepe jasmine plant creates a big show of blossoms when it flowers. This round, evergreen, well-branched shrub has large, glossy, dark green leaves and exquisite waxy white, ruffle-edged flowers, its sweet scent especially fragrant towards evening and night.

Wishing all KAP followers and fellow WP bloggers a pleasant and fun filled weekend!

A Crepe Jasmine Plant Blossoming In Abundance

All photos Fuji X-E2




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