Portraits From Sri Lanka

Womenfolk Participating In A Demonstration. The All White Sarees Look Really Gorgeous On Them

Truth be told, I do love taking portraits of people but admittedly do not do much of them as I am rather apprehensive doing so, worrying I may be imposing on someone’s privacy and being told off. But portraits of people are some of the work that gives me the most satisfaction, capturing a person’s facial expression, emotion, body language and setting at a moment in time for posterity. Sri Lankans are generally friendly, warm people and after a while I found most folk do not mind and were in fact quite keen to have their photo taken, but do share and show them their photo as courtesy and gesture of thanks to them. The smile and expression of surprise and marvel on their face when they see their own portrait in living colour makes me thankful for the availability of instant digital imaging technology.

All photos Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55mm and XF 35mm


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