Mom-and-Pop Shop

A Typical Sundry Shop In The Smaller Towns and Villages In Sri Lanka

Mom-and-pop shops add so much character and colour to a community. They are practically indispensable in smaller towns and villages where the locals go to shop for their daily grocery and basic amenities. Its simply amazing the sheer number of items they carry and stock within a small shop.  Its also a place to catch-up or exchange gossip within a neighbourhood. The owner practically  knows everyone within a community and provides personal service with a smile.  Some even become good family friends!

I remember well spending quite a bit of my school pocket money on bottled drinks and candy/snacks stored in stacked glass jars or hung on loops at and around the cashier’s counter and befriending the owner’s kids for the occasional special deal every now and then. Sadly, in the larger cities, it’s hard times for mom-and-pop shops these days, the emergence of the ‘one-stop shop’ superchain hypermarkets is affecting business and driving a lot of mon-and-pop shops out of business.

Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55mm


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