Moshi Moshi Shadow Play

Watching A Shadow Play Under The Stars

Once upon a time, there was a little Japanese boy who lived with his grandpa. The grandpa wanted to help the little boy conquer his fear of darkness but never quite succeeding. So happens one night the grandpa fell very ill. Fearing the worst for his grandpa, the little boy plucked up his courage and ventured out to the nearest village for help to tend to his grandpa … a simple and touching kid’s tale of the love and affection between a little boy and his wise grandpa with the underlying message of how love triumphs over fear.

Front Row Seating For The Full Cine Experience

It was really heartening to see parents bringing their kids to watch the shadow play spending quality family time together that night. Some traditional entertainment  may be welcome respite for the kids from the cyberculture media and content they are inundated with these days.

Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


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