Koyo in Kyoto

Glorious Blazing Koyo

‘Koyo’ is Japanese for leaves color change. During autumn in Japan, the leaves of various shrubs, grasses and trees (e.g. japanese maple (momiji), ginko, larch) change their color from green to red, yellow and bronze, setting the mountains gloriously ablaze. Since ancient times, folk have come from far and wide to Kyoto area to see these spectacular ‘blazing’ mountains.

Takao, a small town in the mountains north of Kyoto city center whose temples are known to be among the first places to display autumn colors. It is one of the most famous places in Japan to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery. Thinly populated within a mountainous area with three historic temples along its forested valley, it is worth a visit at any time of the year, but is most popular during the autumn leaf season, which usually peaks around mid November.

We hiked along the Kiyotakigawa River trail, which led us to Sagakiyotaki Village. From Sagakiyotaki Village, we continued onward towards JR Hozukyo Station, along the way we passed the confluence where the Kiyotakigawa River joins the Hozugawa River. All in we covered approximately 8km in a 4.5 hour long walk, catching a train back to Kyoto from JR Hozukyo Station.

The colourful forested mountain scenery, the gorgeous autumn foliage and rocky formations along the Kiyotaki-gawa River and Hozugawa River is just spectacular and incredibly beautiful in autumn.

All Photos Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


5 thoughts on “Koyo in Kyoto

    • thanks, elina.
      yes, the takao area is indeed a very beautiful part of japan; i daresay, anytime of the year and not just autumn.
      we really enjoyed the hike, would have done more if not for the shorter daylight in autumn.

      best regards,

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