Redang Beach

Sunset At Redang Beach -  Twilight Approaching

Sunset At Redang Beach – Twilight Approaching

Tucked in the north west of Selangor state, along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia is Sekinchan. It’s a small fairly laid back town, with fishery and rice production its primary industries. We have had some enjoyable excursions to Sekinchan over the years, to see the beautiful paddy field plains when they are green and when they turn golden during the harvest season, walkabout the fishing village area and enjoy fresh local seafood served by numerous seafood restaurants operating there.

Of late, by introduction from a local wedding photographer, we got acquainted with Redang Beach (Pantai Redang), a small stretch of beach tucked away in a corner at the fringe of the fishing village. Redang Beach is not your typical beach where you can spend a day enjoying activities like swimming, beach walking, sandcastle building, etc. as the water is murky and the beach is littered with sand, seashells, broken corals, gravel and rubbish (sad!).

Folks visit Redang Beach mainly to relax and enjoy the sea view, fresh sea breeze and the beautiful sunset. Further foreshore, the mudflats (tidal flats) also make for some fun and interesting beachcombing activity during low tide and to watch shorebirds and migratory birds in their natural habitat. There is also folk trying their luck at fishing. On weekends and public holidays, the place comes alive and gets busy toward the later part of the afternoon and evening when the sun is less intense and the crowd starts to swell. Stalls do brisk business selling snacks, ice creams, drinks and kites.

Redang Beach Sunset

Redang Beach Sunset

In my opinion, the attraction of watching a beautiful sea view sunset is sufficient reason to pay Redang Beach a visit. The gradual tonal changes in the orange and red hues right up to the last vestige of embering reddish glow before twilight is spectacular on a clear and cloudy day.

Wedding couples just love the sunset setting here too. On each of our visits to Redang Beach so far, we have come across wedding photographers briskly photographing wedding couples under failing light as the sun gradually sets. The beach and sunset combo definitely make a beautiful romantic backdrop for wedding photos, after an earlier shooting session at the nearby paddy fields 🙂

Couple Posing For Their Wedding Photo Shoot at Redang Beach

Couple Posing For Their Wedding Photo Shoot at Redang Beach

Hope you enjoy the photos.

All Photos Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


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