Fiery Florals

Purple Dahlias – Romance

In an earlier post, I mentioned the possibility of making a return trip to Putrajaya on 2nd. Oct for a second attempt at capturing some nicer photographs of the Putrajaya Fireworks Competition display.  Well, I did make it to Putrajaya on 2nd Oct. This time round I prepared better, I researched and worked out a couple of potential locations to photograph from. Studying photos published on the web by other photographers from past and present events helped too.

On the day, I arrived early at a quarter to 6, or at least I thought I was early … only to discover soon enough the location on the Seri Wawasan Bridge where photos like the one here could be had were already packed with avid photographers all set-up for the shoot! Unbelievable, packed and with 4 hours to go before the event.

As I wanted to have an iconic Putrajaya landmark to ‘anchor’ the photos, my fallback plan was to find a spot where I could nicely frame the beautiful Seri Saujana Bridge into the photos, but ongoing construction work and spurious vegetation/trees in the surrounding foreground view to the bridge ruled that out for me. In the end, I decided on a spot more or less directly perpendicular to the Maritime Center (where the event is held) at the opposite end of the lake, nearby the Perdana Leadership Foundation. From this location, I could frame a large section of the night sky where the fireworks will appear, have a bit of lake view in the foreground and some Putrajaya landmarks in the distant horizon.

That settled, I felt more relaxed, set-up my gear and take some test shots to confirm all is ok for the shoot, and waited. The evening/night lake view was nice but slightly hazy. The place gradually filled-up with spectators and photographers as the time for the display neared. I am glad I did not leave the place to return later as I would definitely have lost my spot.

At 10pm, the final contestant of the competition, UAE, presented 30mins of magnificent floral themed fireworks display. I hope their magnificence comes across on your screens when viewing the photos.

Starburst Asters

Starburst Asters – Glorious

A breeze which drifted in and out throughout the display swept the fireworks smoke in our direction now and again. In some photos, the smoke badly obscured the fireworks, ruining an otherwise nice image; on others, it complemented the fireworks nicely, adding depth and lending a deeper sense of realism and organic feel to the image – like the ones I have published in this post.

Amaryllis - Amorous

Amaryllis – Amorous

In the photos, the landmarks In the distant horizon, from right to left are the Ministry of Tourism Building, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel, Maritime Center and Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC) to the extreme left. The PICC do not appear distinct in the photos as the building management dimmed its night lights during the display! The boats with neon light decor is the the Fireworks Cruise operated by Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. More details can be found at the following link

There are a lot of beautiful buildings/bridges/architecture photo opportunities in Putrajaya, I look forward to visiting again for a few evenings of night photography and see what comes out of it.

Wishing all a great weekend ahead.

Fuji X-E1 with XF 35mm


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