Zachas George Town Murals

Mr. Ng Chai Tiam (Famous Clogs Painter)

Zachas (Ernest Zacharevic) – Lithuanian artist, embarked on a Mirrors George Town (Penang) street art project in conjunction with the George Town Festival in June, 2012. In the project, he set out to draw a series of large scale murals strategically located within the core heritage zone of George Town. The murals have that adorable simplicity and life-like quality, depicting children at play, portraits and daily scenes reminiscent of Penang in bygone days. In some of the paintings, clever use of objects blended in with the paintings further enhance the ‘3D’ quality of the paintings.

Due to their popularity among locals/tourists and outdoor location, they are constantly under threat from vandals and weathering from the harsh tropical weather. When I first came across some of the murals towards end 2012, they looked good; on my last visit in June 2013; some of them are either fading, deteriorating or damaged. Catch them soon while they are still in pretty good condition if you are interested in viewing them!

Zachas, many thanks for your creative genius and artistry producing these works of art in George Town, they are immensely popular as you probably are already aware, hope you will return to give these creations of yours in George Town a new lease of life for more people to enjoy them.

For more on Zachas works, visit

Zachas - Pony Tailed Girl

Little Girl In Blue

Top Image – Canon 7D with Sigma 24mm                                               

Bottom Image – Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


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