Tết Trung Thu in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake Bridge

Work brought me to Hanoi for a couple of days which coincided with Tet Trung Thu (Mid- Autumn Festival), the second most important festival in Vietnam after Tet (Vietnamese New Year). I took the opportunity to wander around the Old Quarter area (the oldest district in Hanoi) in the evenings to experience the sights and sounds of the festivity. The hotel’s concierge recommended to check out the night market around the Hang Ma Road area. With map in hand and the route figured out, it was fairly easy making my way there. Occasionally I missed a turn, but it was easy getting back on track as there were streams of locals heading toward the same place. It was hustle and bustle, hot, the crowd and traffic building up as I worked my way along.

The streets were lined with an abundance of vendors selling the festival’s traditional paraphernalia e.g. lanterns, masks, mooncakes, toys, balloons, flowers, etc. and food. Eager shoppers went about getting their last minute shopping done before the big day. In certain spots, the jam-packed shoulder to shoulder crowd was barely moving, with folk jostling their way through. Exhausting, chaotic at times, but nonetheless a lot of fun and a memorable experience, but not for the claustrophobic.

All images Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


12 thoughts on “Tết Trung Thu in Hanoi

  1. Gorgeous captures! Your pictures capture the moment effortlessly. We’re hoping to make a trip sometimes soon and judging by your pictures there’s so much to experience. 🙂

  2. hi…i had assumed your photos would be in color, so initially missed it. yes, that’s the overall scene…and the streets. i gather you opted for B&W because of night lights. good work.

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