Putrajaya International Fireworks

The Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition is an annual event showcasing the best in fireworks expertise and technologies from participating counties. Organised by Putrajaya Corporation, the event is held at the Maritime Center Putrajaya. This year, 6 countries (China, UAE, USA, South Korea, France & Malaysia) battle it out over 6 days of competition on 30 & 31 August, 13 & 14 & 15 September, and 2 October. Each country displays a combination of their fireworks lasting 25 minutes, designed to reflect each country’s culture and choreographed by experienced fireworks choreographer.

Here are some photos I took of China’s display … 6 photos, the highest number for me within a single post thus far  : )   The entire display was amazingly beautiful, spectacular and fluid in its execution that 25mins seemed rather short. I am quite pleased with how the photos turn out, except for the lack of a  symbolic Putrajaya landmark  framing the fireworks. Time permitting, I may have another go at it on 2nd. October, hopefully photographing from a more ‘ideal’ Putrajaya location.

Enjoy!  (drop me a line which photo you like most)

2013PIFC China 1 KAP

2013PIFC China 2 KAP

2013PIFC China 3 KAP

2013PIFC China 4 KAP

2013PIFC China 5 KAP

2013PIFC China 6 KAP

All photos Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


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