Standing Tall (Coat Buttons)

Coat Buttons 6

A good mix of sunny weather and rainy days in recent months has certainly promoted the propagation and growth of coat buttons. I have been wanting to photograph them for a while now but just did not get myself to it until this weekend. As lots of them are blooming beautifully in the lawn and roadsides in our neighborhood at the moment, I figured I better get some photos in before they wilt or the grass cutters come a calling. So, I end up spending a couple of hours on Sunday morning walking the lawns and photographing these little beauties. I just love the look of the smallish yellow flower buds with its white florets supported by a solitary erect furry stem, standing tall.

Coat Buttons 7

Coat Buttons 8

A species of flowering plant in the daisy family, coat buttons (tridax procumbens) are commonly found in fields, meadows, croplands, lawns and roadsides in areas with tropical or semi-tropical climates. As its small daisylike yellow-centered flowers and white three-toothed ray florets resemble coat buttons, that’s how the name ‘coat buttons’ came about.  In certain countries and cultures, it is known for its potential antiviral, anti oxidant, antibiotic, wound healing, insecticidal and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties. Despite its known benefits, it is nonetheless listed in many countries as noxious weed or pest.

Have a good week ahead!

All images Fuji X-E1 with XF 55-200 mm


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