Ginger Flower

Ginger Flower KAP

The ginger flower plant is a species of herbaceous perennial plant commonly found in the Indochina/South East Asia region. The pink flowers are used in decorative arrangements while the flower buds (crushed or finely chopped to release its distinctive fragrant flavour) form an important (I would even say crucial) ingredient in some local popular dishes, imparting its distinct aroma and taste to the dish.

I found this particular bloom among a cluster of ginger flower plants sheltered by thick vegetation. It was a bit of effort getting to them and finding sufficient space for composition, chalking up a few ant bites along the way.

With this I would like to wish all fellow WP bloggers and this blog’s readers a good week ahead !

Fuji X-E1 XF 35mm & Hoya Close-up Filter


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