Mother & Child

A Silvery Langur Female Monkey With Its Child

A mother’s love knows no bounds
No stronger bond can be found
Mother and child are connected from the start
There is a string from heart to heart

                             Heartstrings by Judi Walker

On a recent day trip to a nature park, we chanced upon a group of silvered leaf monkeys. The silvered leaf monkey have a long tail and lovely thick ‘silvery’ coat, which is actually dark gray with the tips of the hairs being paler in color giving it a silvered effect.. To our surprise, they were approachable, friendly and not aggressive at all.  We were able to get close to some of them/pat them and offered them food, no snatching or squabbles among the group when food was offered, rather civilized, unlike other monkey species we have come across before. There was this young silvered leaf monkey nestled to its mother’s bosom, a refuge of comfort and security, wondering what the activity and attention is all about.

Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm


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