The Land Of Giant Trees

Giant Monkey Pod Trees Line A Countryside Main Road

When visiting Sri Lanka, one is unlikely to miss spotting a monkey pod tree or two here and there. They are pervasive in Sri Lanka. We came across them almost wherever we traveled i.e. along roads (act as shades), in parks, pastures and woods. Easily recognized by its characteristic umbrella-shaped wide canopy and thick trunk/branches. The older trees grow to a huge size, towering, grand with a beautiful canopy. Trees generally reach a height of 15–25m (some reach 50m) with a canopy 30m (some reach 50-60m) in diameter and trunk 1-2m (some reach 3m) in diameter. Our younger daughter fondly recall Sri Lanka as ‘The Land of Giant Trees’, pretty apt description, I say, from a young girl’s eyes, having seen these giant trees almost wherever she traveled.

In this photo, panorama enabled me to get close and below the tree to capture and accentuate the sheer size and beauty of the tree’s canopy, though it distorts the perspective somewhat. I waited for a tuk tuk to come round the bend (for size comparison) before clicking the shutter and panning upwards.

Monkey Pod (a.k.a. Samanea Saman Tree – East Indian Oak)       
Native in northern South America, it is now naturalized throughout the tropics.

Fuji X-E1 with XF 18-55 mm Panorama


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