It was rather a chance encounter than intent we dined at Arata Noodle Restaurant one evening (located at Damansara Utama, a few shoplots from Maybank Damansara Branch, facing the LDP Highway) as we were on a desperate lookout for a restaurant nearby to dine. Its nondescript facade and interior would hardly serve to attract potential new customers unless through recommendation. Well, we decided to chance it after spotting Japanese chefs helm the kitchen and an udon making machine tucked at a corner, can’t be all the bad, we gather.

Arata is a no frills Japanese noodle restaurant with simple minimal decor, reminds me of small family owned Japanese restaurants commonly found in smaller Japanese towns or villages. Upon reviewing the menu, we ordered a number of dishes. Food came after a short wait and we were pleasantly surprised by its freshness and quality. Most importantly, they tasted good, very good. The udon texture is firm, smooth with a crunchy bite to it.

We have since been back once, which confirms our first visit impressions. The food is indeed very good. We really liked and enjoyed the Okura Hiyashi Bukkake Udon (Udon with Okra and Fried Tofu), Hamaguri no Saka Mushi (Clams Steamed in Sake), Nana-syu Yasai no Kakiage (7-sort Mixed Vegetable Tempura) and the Cold Plain Udon.

Arata, a restaurant that impresses by what it serves, not how it looks! And that’s what really matters, isn’t it?

DSCF1084 Arata Hamaguri no Saka Mushi KAP

DSCF1087 Arata Cold Plain Udon KAPNote: The Arata Noodle Restaurant is closed since April ’15. It is now under a new management and crew, and the restaurant is renamed MinMin. MinMin offers more or less a similar udon menu as Arata, though less elaborate, with the exclusion of the dishes I loved as shared in my post above. (Updated on 13th July ’15.)

All images Fuji X-E1 with XF 35mm


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